The Best 10 Campsites in California.

As a native Southern Californian, I grew up spending my summers within the outdoors and camping in a number of California’s most incredible campsites. Nothing beats an evening bundled up by a campfire under the stars!
Whether you favor bumming it on the beach, dwelling within the desert or frolicking within the forest, campsites in California offer something for everybody. The Best 10 Campsites in California

Here are the Best 10 campsites in California!

Angel Island Campground

If you’re trying to find jaw-dropping views of downtown San Francisco and therefore the Golden Gate bridge, look no further. within the middle of San Francisco Bay sits Angel Island State Park, offering spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline, the Marin Headlands, and Mount Tamalpais.
⫸ Campsite Specs: Only 11 sites on the island total lending to the park’s secluded feel. There are ↣ fire rings, ↣ restrooms, and ↣picnic tables.

Tomales Bay

Ever wanted to kayak into remote campground? Here is your chance! Tomales Bay is…well it’s awesome. If you’re eager to camp here, you want to reach the campsites by boat (which really does increase the magic of the experience).

Bring along the larger tent, some s’mores, a pleasant dinner (Hipcamp recommends fresh oysters from nearby Tomales Bay Oyster Company), and a hunk of firewood!

⫸ Campsite Specs: Beach campgrounds. ↣Restrooms, ↣fire rings, and ↣picnic tables.

Bullfrog Pond Campground

Let the chorus of happy frogs lull you to sleep under the Redwoods at Bullfrog Pond!. Either way, you’re guaranteed a starry-skied night!

⫸ Campsite Specs: Walk-up campsites for $25/night. ↣Restrooms, ↣fire rings, and picnic tables. ↣Pets Allowed.

Steep Ravine Cabins & Campground

There’s a touch secret that lies just across the Golden Gate Bridge and that they are the Steep Ravine Cabins. On Mt. Tamalpais, just to the north of the town, there’s a gaggle of wooden structures that go back to the 1940s.

They are insanely popular and rightfully so, so book well beforehand. Each cabin features expansive ocean views, as they’re perched high on the side of a cliff.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣Each cabin features a wood stove, ↣picnic table and several other benches, ↣sleeping platforms and ↣in fact, an outside barbeque. The cabins don’t have running water or electricity, but primitive toilets, ↣water faucets, and ↣firewood are nearby. ↣Tent camping also available

Lodgepole Campground

The wonderful Lodgepole Campground is conveniently located near the Lodgepole Market also because the Kaweah River and a meadow. There’s a Nature Center right within the campground (in case you weren’t centered enough in nature)!

The Giant Forest Sequoia Grove is merely two miles away, a really short hike to the house of half the world’s oldest and largest trees.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣Restrooms, ↣fire rings, and ↣picnic tables. ↣Pets Allowed.

Moro Campground

Crystal Cove… sounds intriguing right? Naturally, visitors and locals alike are drawn to the present gorgeous state park in Southern California.

Located in Crystal Cove, Moro Campground may be a water baby’s paradise–with waves for surfers, an underwater park for snorkelers and scuba divers, tidepools for explorers, and a gorgeous beach for those that just want to urge their tan on.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣57 coastal terrace sites for both tents and RVs. ↣Restrooms, ↣fire rings, and ↣picnic tables. ↣Pets Allowed.

Borrego Palm Canyon Campground

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, the most important state park in California, is nothing in need of breathtaking. within the springtime, you’ll catch brilliantly colored wildflowers peeking out from the desert floor. During most other seasons, expect to identify traditional desert cacti poking round the park.

The best a part of the park, however, comes out in the dark. Unspoiled by artificial light, stars brighten up the desert sky and convey a way of calm that visitors can celebrate after an extended day of hiking.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣Borrego Palm Canyon Campground features 122 campsites. ↣Shade ramadas, restrooms, ↣showers, ↣fire rings, and ↣picnic tables. ↣Pets Allowed.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns Campground

Julia Pfeiffer Burns Campground may only have two camping spots, but they’re known to be a number of the simplest camping in California! Both are walk-in (meaning be prepared to bring all of your gear in under your own steam), but provide wonderful seclusion and exquisite views of the large Sur coastline.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣Fire rings, ↣picnic tables, and ↣restrooms are available,↣ but you will need to bring in all of your water and firewood.

Green Valley Campground

This campsite is ideal for those of you looking to relax out near the water on a hot day. Green Valley in San Diego features a creek running through it, and a few nearby shallow pools and waterfalls to dabble in, too.

After an extended day of hiking or riding on nearby trails, come home to Green Valley to play within the cool water.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣81 campsites and ↣15 equestrian campsites. ↣Restrooms, ↣showers, ↣fire rings, and ↣picnic tables. ↣Pets Allowed.

Eastern Santa Cruz Campground

Santa Cruz Island may be a little quite 10% park and therefore the rest is under the character Conservancy. The Santa Cruz campground is on the northeastern shore of the island, a flat and straightforward walk from the landing site. Come for kayaking, secluded camping, and lovely stars.

⫸ Campsite Specs: ↣40 island campsites. ↣Restrooms, ↣fire rings, and ↣picnic tables.

The Best 10 Campsites in California